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UV band pass filters are essential components in various applications, including scientific research, medical diagnostics, and industrial processes. These filters are designed to allow a specific range of ultraviolet (UV) light wavelengths to pass through while blocking others, making them crucial for precision in imaging, spectroscopy, and laser systems. Choosing the right supplier for these filters is vital for ensuring quality and performance. Here are six of the best UV band pass filter suppliers in the market.

1. Liwanoptics


Liwanoptics is a leading supplier of optical components, known for their high-quality bandpass filters. Their UV band pass filters are used in a range of applications, from medical devices to scientific instrumentation.

Best UV Band Pass Filter Suppliers

Product Features

Why Choose Liwanoptics?

Liwanoptics stands out for its commitment to precision and customization. The use of high-quality materials and the option for bespoke coatings make them an ideal choice for specialized applications that require stringent specifications.

2. Omega Optical


Omega Optical is renowned for its innovative optical filter solutions. They offer a broad range of UV band pass filters designed for various scientific and industrial applications.

Product Features

Why Choose Omega Optical?

Omega Optical is a top choice for those seeking filters with high transmission efficiency and durability. Their ability to provide custom solutions also makes them a flexible and reliable supplier for diverse needs.

3. Edmund Optics


Edmund Optics is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of precision optical components. Their UV band pass filters are widely used in research and industrial applications.

Product Features

Why Choose Edmund Optics?

Edmund Optics is known for its vast selection and quick delivery times, making them a convenient choice for customers who need reliable products promptly.

4. Thorlabs


Thorlabs is a prominent supplier of photonics products, including a comprehensive range of UV band pass filters. Their products are used extensively in academic research and industrial processes.

Product Features

Why Choose Thorlabs?

Thorlabs is ideal for users who require high-performance filters with versatile application possibilities. Their robust quality assurance processes ensure that customers receive reliable and effective products.

5. Spectrogon


Spectrogon specializes in the development and manufacture of thin film optical filters. Their UV band pass filters are known for their precision and high transmission rates.

Product Features

Why Choose Spectrogon?

Spectrogon is a great choice for those needing advanced thin film technology and customizable options. Their filters are designed to provide long-lasting and stable performance, making them suitable for demanding applications.

6. Alluxa


Alluxa is known for producing high-performance optical filters with excellent specifications. Their UV band pass filters are utilized in both industrial and research settings.

Product Features

Why Choose Alluxa?

Alluxa excels in providing filters with high optical density and environmental stability. Their custom engineering services ensure that clients get filters perfectly suited to their needs, making them a preferred supplier for specialized applications.


Choosing the right supplier for UV band pass filters is critical for ensuring the success of your optical applications. Whether you need high precision, custom solutions, or robust performance, these six suppliers offer some of the best products in the industry.

Example Product: Liwanoptics Bandpass Filter

For instance, the Liwanoptics Bandpass Filter stands out with its use of high-quality optical materials such as BK7, Fused Silica, CaF2, Sapphire, Germanium, and ZnSe. It boasts an impressive surface quality of 10-5 and a surface irregularity of PV<1/20λ@633nm, available in dimensions ranging from 5mm to 100mm. Additionally, custom coatings can be requested to meet specific size and material requirements.

When selecting a UV band pass filter, consider the specific needs of your application, such as the required wavelength range, transmission efficiency, and environmental conditions. By choosing a reputable supplier like Liwanoptics, Omega Optical, Edmund Optics, Thorlabs, Spectrogon, or Alluxa, you can ensure that your optical system performs optimally and reliably.

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